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High Performance Stainless Steel Clutch Line
Clutch Line v1.jpg

     Magnum Stainless Steel braided hydraulic clutch line directly replaces the original line. The fittings on these lines are custom-made to each application and are made of zinc coated high quality steel, which will give life time of service. These lines, like all the other Magnum stainless steel braided brake lines are also covered with a layer of PVC for extra protection.

     With the Magnum clutch line, you will experience a more positive clutch pedal feel and faster clutch reaction. This can be achieved because the expansion rate of these stainless steel braided lines is close to none compare to soft rubber original lines which expands even more when aged, thus decreases clutch operation responsiveness. Also, the original rubber clutch line which has been "baked" inside the hot engine bay for 5 or more years may fail and causes difficult clutch activities. Magnum Stainless Steels Clutch Lines catalogue covers most of the better import and domestic automobiles. All our stainless steel clutch lines are covered by warranty for 5 years against defects; please contact your local dealer for details.

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