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About Us


     MagnumBrakes was established in 1995 by a group of performance car enthusiasts. In those days, only the exotic vehicles were equipped with cross-drilled rotors and high performance brake pads in their brake systems. The applications of aftermarket cross-drilled rotors and high performance ceramic brake pads were very limited to most street vehicles and the price was 4 to 5 times higher than most aftermarket replacement brake rotors and brake pads. As a result, cross-drilled rotors and high performance brake pad in those days, although the advantages were well known, were not an option to many car enthusiasts. 


     At MagnumBrakes we believe every car owner should have the options to have high performance brakes equipped on their vehicles without a high budget. From somebody who just drives to work daily and all the way to car enthusiasts who go to track racing every week, they all can enjoy the benefits of what high performance brakes can offer. These benefits include shorter stopping distance, more consistency on brake performance in any weather conditions and longer service life and the result is better driving experience and improvement on safety. We also offer O.E.M. parts for those that just want to stay simple. Our Premium O.E. Replacement Brake Rotors is the choice for this group. With over 20 years in experience, we can ensure you that our product quality is second to none.

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