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MagnumBrakes Cross Drilled Brake Rotors

     All Magnum Performance Cross-Drilled Rotors are made to fit original factory calipers. They are made with High Carbon alloy which makes the brake rotors tougher while maintaining quiet operation. Our cross-drilled brake rotors match the original equipment rotors dimensions and are fully compatible with its hubs, brake calipers and road wheels of the vehicle, and employ one-piece vented or solid rotors depending on the vehicles original equipment specifications. Each rotor is precisely machined by CNC machines. The drill pattern is designed to give optimum cooling but not to sacrifice durability, nor do they significantly reduce swept area. Lots of holes may "look" great, but every hole takes away a small amount of braking surface (swept area). Too many holes create a meaningful loss of swept area and ultimate braking power, not to mention a loss of overall strength. Starting with select castings, Magnum drilled brake rotors undergo the race-born practice of cross drilling to provide multiple paths to disperse built-up heat and gases. The Magnum rotors’ cross-drilled holes are bi-angle chamfered at the rotors outer surfaces to help reduce the cracking caused by repeated, high stress, high temperature brake applications.

     Besides braking performance, Magnum Performance Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors also improve the appearance of any vehicle, especially with open wheels that expose the cross-drilled brake rotors would definitely make the vehicle look “cooler”. These special brake rotors provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic, as well as more spirited, high performance street and highway driving. Most Magnum Cross-Drilled Rotors are directional and when in motion, the vents draw air from the center of the rotor outward. This airflow, over an increased internal surface area, very effectively dissipates heat. Cross drilling adds to this airflow, as well as providing additional surface cooling. It also helps the rotor to cool more evenly, eliminating hot spots and greatly reducing brake pulsation. All Magnum Cross-Drilled Rotors are made of high carbon iron to ensure longer life and quiet operation. In general, vehicles that are equipped with our cross-drilled brake rotors and performance brake pads last 15% longer than most O.E.M. brake parts, thus lowers the cost of maintenance on the brake system. All Magnum cross-drilled brake rotors are coated to minimize corrosion in order to provide great appearance for a much longer time.

Magnum Performance cross-drilled brake rotors are sold in axle pairs and they are available to most older to newer vehicles.

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